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  • More galleries will be added, including earlier than 1999 once I start getting serious with the scanner.

If you have photos of Nor Cal or VMOA events, and would like to see them posted, we can arrange that. If you already have an online photo site, just send me the link. If you have a CD, let me know what you've got and we'll see if we can get it uploaded here.
Walt Boeninger

2009 Events

  • Donut Deal NEW!! November 2009 A VMOA tradition since at least 2008 ....
  • VMOA Poker Run Annual Wine tour and poker run.
  • SAAC/VMOA picnic, NEW!! photos courtesy Tom Dankel
  • Palo Alto Concours, NEW!! Stacy Ciaffredo
  • Academy of Art student drawings NEW!! are a part of the Palo Alto concours. Since Mustang and Porsche are the featured marques this year, I was given the opportunity to help select the drawings that would be displayed during the concours. And on top of that, we were given a private tour of Mr Stephen's personal collection of cars that he houses in one of the 30+ buildngs the AA SF owns. This particular building is a former auto dealership on Van Ness Ave....
  • Mini Nats 26 Ron Bramlett
  • Mini Nats 26 Marco Maggiora
  • Dynamic Auto West Open House

2008 Events

2007 Events

  • SAAC 32 Courtesy Bruce Couture
  • San Jose Grand Prix Faces in the crowd.
  • Monterey Historics All photos by Scott Hirose.
    • B-Production See the Cobras and GT350s duke it out with the Bow Ties and Brand X.
    • Can-Am The big boys are back.
    • IMSA Those hopped up 70s sportscars, Chevy Dekon Monzas versus 935 Porsches.
    • Indy Roadsters galore. Turning right also .....
    • Legends See the aftermath of what happens when you put retired pro drivers on the track in cars they don't give a rats-ass about ... just like back in the 60s. Oh, and our own local ringer entry ..... Larry Bowman.
    • Other Other sights around the paddock.
  • Mini Nats
  • SEMA show photos Courtesy Bruce Couture

2006 Events

New galleries from Bruce Brincka

2005 Events

  • Ironstone Tour We are overdue for another visit to this great Winery in the Sierra Foothills.
  • Wine Country Classic BP and Trans Am race, and a classic shot of Ken Epsman in four wheel lockup with a stuck throttle.
  • SAAC 30
    • SAAC 30-1 So Cal Speed Shop, Blair's Shop, garage tours....
    • SAAC 30-2 ...more at Blairs, Lynn Park's garage plus another fabulous garage and Shelby in Gardena.
    • SAAC 30-3 Track action, and Vic Edelbrock's private museum.
    • SAAC 30-4 Wrap-up photos from Lewis Downs.
  • San Jose Grand Prix First year ground level shots. What you see when you don't buy a grandstand seat.
  • Monterey Historics 1 Lots of Trans Am and B production action, plus all these white cars from a guy named Jim Hall.
  • Monterey Historics 2 More Chapparals, more paddock, more display and Kenny's favorite fan.
  • More Monterey Courtesy Bruce Brincka
  • More Monterey Courtesy Bruce Brincka
  • Coronado 1 Trans am and BP races, Scott Hirose really gives his new digital camera a workout.
  • Coronado 2 NAVY display and awards ceremony on the USS Ronald Reagan.
  • Wine Country Classic Courtesy Bruce Brincka

Michigan Trans Am 1970

2004 Events

2003 Events

  • Cobra Day at the Peterson One of the last attempts, and finally successful, to gather 100 original Cobras together for the first time since the 60s.
  • Ironstone Wine tour Another fantastic event from our sommelier, Scott Hirose.
  • Seattle Trans Am Car museum tour, and great cars.
  • Monterey Historics Salute to 100 years of Ford Racing
  • Mini Nats 20 Only one photo of the Thursday rally group, plus the Shelby slide show presented at the Friday night event at the Embassy Suites

2002 Events

  • Ironstone We stop at Mustangs Plus on the way to a wonderful lunch and winetasting. Thanks to Scott Hirose for a great event.
  • SAAC 27 The Shelby American Auto Club convention at California Speedway in Fontana.
  • Club Picnic Portola Valley Town Center, lots of Cobras.
  • Mini Nats Scott, Lewis and Walt.
  • San Francisco Auto Show Kevork Hagopian rounds up a specail display of Cobras and Shelby race cars.

2001 Events

  • SAAC Does Vegas The third or fourth edition, perhaps the last time on the Super Speedway. Howard Pardee meets a special friend.
  • Towe Museum Tour Thanks again to Cole Reif for arranging another tour of this great museum.
  • Pacific Coast Dream Machine Show Planes, Trains and lots of automobiles. Scott Hirose and I show our cars
  • Pacific Coast Dream Machine Show -more
  • Seattle Trans Am Summer in Seattle. Kenny and Jimmy have pit bunnies to help wax their cars.
  • Monterey Historic Scott has paddock privileges with his car.. I'll never tell. Visit to the Carmel ranger station.
  • 6s001. Jack Schroll shows off the freshly restored prototype for the 66 GT350. This is a not a holdover 65 Gt350, it was a new 1966 Model with a Pony interior.
  • Mini Nats Jerry Schwarz is our guest of honor. Track is under construction, turn 11 is vendor area.
  • Mini Nats - more.... Thanks to Chuck Fry for the Open Track images.
  • Fall Classic Fire on the highway !!!.... Scott and I get a bit toasted on the way up.

2000 Events

  • Wine Country Kerry and Walt meet with K. Kramas for the first time.
  • Mini Nats Chuck Cantwell is guest of honor.
  • McCarthy Ranch Scott H. and Walt attend the opening ceremony for the McCarthy Ranch Blvd in Milpitas.
  • RM Monterey See a Daytona Coupe sell for $4 Million.....
  • Monterey No Trans Am, just a lot of B Production racing with Jack Schroll in Black Flag station.
  • Fall Classic A classic yet again.
  • Coronado 4th Annual running of the Chrysler Classic Speed Festival.

Vaca Valley Raceway 1968

Earlier ...

1999: Visit to Lynn Park's garage during Trans Am night at the Peterson.
1983: Mini Nats I, September 1983 Sears Point / Napa. Photos by Gary Berger
1972: Trans Am at Watkins Glen. Featuring the 1971 Camaro of Kerry Hoctor, car #86 (Duncan Racing including Pit bunnies).
Look closely and you'll also see Forrest Straight's Calypso Coral Boss 302 car #57.
1970: Laguna Seca These photos are courtesy of Miles Kitchen. I think he said an ex of his wife took them.

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